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2 August 2018

Soul Style Sessions - Wear Summer in Winter

Rock those shorts in Winter.

Keep feeling your floaty dresses. 

Extending the life of your summer wardrobe is a great way to get more wear per item on your clothing. It might seem a bit odd to not be packing away your denim shorts and light dresses when the temperature has dropped - but with some Soul style tips you can extend the feeling of summer, and come up with new looks for old favourites. 

Keep your denim shorts in your closet, and wear them with some leggings or tights underneath, adding in a pair of black boots or classic chucks, layer with a warm knit and chose a jacket that provides awesome style yet doesn't scrimp on warmth such as leather or shearling

You can do similar with your dresses, remembering that layering is what will keep you warm, and also allow you to remove items for those blessed sunny moments. A simple black long sleeve is an essential for this, and teamed with some sheepskin boots will enable you to keep rocking those summer outfits. A floaty cardigan or jacket completes this look, and you will be both cosy and cute.

If you need any help with a summer piece you would like to keep current, then don't hesitate to come see us for some instore styling. 

Summer in Winter always. 

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