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3 July 2018

Stripes on Stripes

Stripes are one of our go-tos for almost any look, but don't stop with just a striped sweater or tee, you can build a stripe look with multiple striped pieces. 

Season to season, the stripe trend is a key factor to any wardrobe. Countless designers become creative with how they experiment with the stripe. From vertical shoulder placements at Louis Vuitton to contrasting side stripes from Gucci, the trend blooms. 

One way to introduce variation is playing with the scale of the stripe. Balance out a thicker striped pattern in one piece with finer stripes in another. Adding a necklace to the outfit can also lengthen the look. 

Another way to keep stripes from blending together is to incorporate different textures. Try a floral print mixed with a stripe, as seen on Charlo this season. 

When it comes to colour, typically you want to keep only one constant between patterns. It's best to keep it classic. 

 And always remember, you can never have enough stripe! 

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