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3 April 2018 / Fashion, Trends

Seasonal Colours & the Mustard Conundrum

 Every season we are presented with THE colour, and often it will become so popular it transcends its seasonal status to be a constant shopping presence. (we see you blush) But often we are confronted with a colour that is deemed hard to wear and people will firmly believe that they just can't wear it. 

Well - we're here to tell you that you can - and teach you how. 

Last season Yellow was the colour that was giving us the fear, and this Autumn and Winter it is the return of Mustard that is making some us shiver in horror not cold. You are right in knowing that certain skin tones can wash out with certain colours, while others colours seem to bring us alive - but even when we are talking about Mustard the difference in shades is huge and there will be one that works for you.

The quickest way to inject some of this colour into your closet without any risk of it not being 'your' colour is to not wear it near your skin. The Elm Diamonds Pant is a great way of doing exactly this. Other ways to add that seasonal flavour are to have just a dash of it featured along with other colours; The Elm Rocky Crew and the Elm Majesty Crew add a perfect mix of Mustard hidden amongst creams, greys and navys. 

And if you are truly, truly not game to play with Mustard - pop it on your kid and let them shine! The Le Edit Merino Cardigan with matching beanie are a great option. If you would like any one on one help styling this colour, and any of the new seasonal items, please come and visit us in store. We can help work in existing wardrobe pieces and give them a new lease of life with some great warm additions. 


Be Bold. Go Mustard.  





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